Business Integration

"CRM-Design" performs the whole range of business-integration works (i.e. implementation into the company various types of IT solutions), closely connected to the relations between company and its client. They are: CRM systems, contact centers, information portals, billing systems, warehouses, etc.

Generally, such process is cross-functional and touches upon almost all the components of the company's activity: from changing a number of key customer care business processes and corporate reporting system to adjustment of functional strategies.

"CRM-Design" dramatically outstands in approach of accomplishing the actual type of work - it is the profound knowledge of both commercial activity and IT-solution market. Moreover the primary goal of"CRM-Design" is the increase of efficiency of the client's business in general but not only its IT part.

The staff of "CRM-Design" possesses great experience of business integration in various types of industries and it guarantees their clients maximum economic effect within minimal risks and short periods of realization of the project.

Bearing in mind the complexity of such projects, "CRM-Design" is ready to share responsibility of the results and to share clients' risks. Plus we offer post-productive services.

There is a number possible ways of participation of "CRM-Design" in this activity - from help in forming the claims to the IT solutions and cooperation in selection of the provider to the project management and handling-over turnkey integrated IT solutions.