О компании - CRM-DESIGN
About company

"CRM-Design" is Russian company offering a wide range of services and integrated solutions to increase efficiency of service companies' operational activity during all the stages of relations with their clients, including acquisitions, service, developing and retention.

The company was established in 2001 under the brand "Telecomexpert" and was firstly specializing in offering consulting facilities only to telecom companies. Then "CRM-Design" rapidly increased the number of services as well as the list of industries in which it suggests solutions. Today the company does not limit itself with expert consulting. In addition, it is putting forward the service of business integration and detached monitor in the field of operational activity.

"CRM-Design" presents its services to telecom operators and content providers, to insurance and delivery companies, to banks and internet-shops, to retail chains and travel agencies, repair centers and commercial contact-centers, to gyms and any other company that evaluates client relations as the most important component of their business. Both large Russian service enterprises, leaders of the industry and relatively small companies only starting their business activity are amongst our clients.

All the carried out projects display various aspects of our clients' activity. Among which: elaboration of business-plans for multifunctional service company; realization of all-purpose monitoring of operational activity of the largest service company in Russia and CIS; turnkey business integration of a contact center for insurance firm; development of reporting system and motivation of staff for service company; lay out of marketing strategy and optimization of key business-processes for one of leading service providing company; and many more.

Operating the traditional functional approach, it can be determined thatexpertise of "CRM-Design" lies in such fields as elaboration of market strategies, marketing, customer relations, operational technologies, customer care support systems, management.

The core advantage of the competitive strength of "CRM-Design" is a unique team of specialists headed by experienced management. The key specialists of the company have vast work experience in large Russian service providing companies. Where they tutored departments of strategic planning, marketing, customer care, operational technologies and CRM.

The team members of "CRM-Design" are highly-skilled experts in their field, they often take part in different work-shops and conferences, they are actual members of consulting boards of many famous companies and authors of publications in dedicated editions.

The base of philosophy of "CRM-Design" is the orientation on constructing sustainable and mutually beneficial relations with our clients, what would be impossible without responsible attitude to their requests and establishment of comfortable and friendly communication.

Today "CRM-Design" is a dynamic company, having large and stable customer base, promoting new products and services to the market and actively spreading its activity to new fields of business.